Makam Guide derives from my makam journals I have kept since my childhood. I have noted firstly theoretics and then I have added brief makam definitions created for myself by listening to master musicians to my journal for years

Erman Dirikcan, guitar player educated on Jazz, was recommended to learn Turkish Music makams from me by Erkan Oğur. I gave my makam guides to Erman Dirikcan in my lessons. During our discussions made in the course of time we decided to translate and adapt my Makam Guides in English and Makam Guide was published by Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture agency.

I explained 60 Turkish Music Makams in my book. I moved on two essential structures Perde (Note) and Çeşni (Flavors) while explaining the makams. I showed the behaviors that reflects the soul of çeşni and makam by didactic tanbur taksims. I chose the pieces that I believe reflects the makam very well and played them. I analyzed taksims according to time and pieces according to measure numbers.

Rather giving complicated details, I tried to make a system that based on fortifying the hearing skills. I hope this book will help, the ones who has not got the chance to Meşk (master-student relationship) with their teacher or the ones who knows the theoretics but doesn't know the makams well, to understand the soul of the makams if they read the makams and then listen to the taksims and the sample pieces carefully.
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