In his recent album, a follow-up to his album "Murat Aydemir Trio", the artist offers unique sounds and melodies of tanbur, one of the oldest insturments of Turkish music and called "an Istanbulite" by the artist.

The journey of this album, which starts with the insturmental piece he composed for his daughter in 2013 called " Masal" (Fairytale), lasted for four years. The second version of this song starts with the songs his daughter sings as a 2 year old.

The artist offers his compositions and the unique sound of his tanbur in the album he created with the double bass musician Volkan Hürsever and presents " the Murat Aydemir music"

Murat Aydemir hosted many valuable artists in his album. Rony Iwryn (percussion), Mahyar Shadorvan (vocal), Ross Daly (Lyra), Kelly Thoma (Lyra), Cengiz Ozkan (vocal)