Murat Aydemir aims with his album "Murat Aydemir Trio"- that was published by Kalan music- to present Tanbur ( as he calls it " Istanbuler" ) which is one of the ancient instrument while he is performing it traditional way he also adds different tones and enriches his music with different melodies.

The repertoire of Murat Aydemir Trio includes traditional Turkish music and artist's own compositions. Double Bass player Volkan Hursever accompanies with his wide jazz experience.

Besides Murat Aydemir ( Tanbur and Lute ) , Volkan Hursever ( Double bass ) and Reza Samani ( Tombak, Bendir , Daf ) intrumental performance in Murat Aydemir Trio concerts, there are also singers,who mostly improvise, accompany the Trio. Murat Aydemir (with his Trio) is doing new projects with musicians from different cultures.